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Which air compressor you buy depends on where you will use it. That sounds obvious but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the technical information and forget this key point. If you already know what your technical needs are you can use our filtering tool to help you choose. If you aren’t sure, our friendly Live Chat experts are on hand to guide you.

What do you need to consider when choosing a compressor?

ABAC sells a wide range of air compressors so our Live Chat team will start by asking you a few questions about your situation. These are the most important ones to think about:

  1. How will you power your air compressor? You can also find air compressors that are powered in different ways: petrol, diesel, domestic electricity (normal mains power) or industrial electricity (3 phase).
  2. Where will you run your air compressor?  If you choose a diesel or petrol air compressor, it will need to be somewhere that is well ventilated or outside.  If you choose an electric air compressor, you need to make sure you have the right type of electrical supply.
  3. How much space do you have? We have a range of small air compressors and ones that stand upright if you need a small footprint. Our range includes small air compressors in a variety of different capacities to give different amounts of power.
  4. Do you need a portable air compressor? From ABAC you can buy small units that can be lifted and carried easily. Or if you need to move your compressor to different places on a regular basis, you will definitely need one with wheels. We offer large and small portable compressors in various configurations so you can get the compressed air to the place where your tools are.
  5. Is it important to have an oil free air compressor? Our oil-less compressors are popular in health, laboratory and dental environments.  These compressors are also available with an integral air dryer to allow them to conform to Dental HTM 2022 requirements.
  6. Does your air compressor need to comply with ISO, HTM 2022 or any other regulatory standards? We innovate constantly so our compressors always stay up to date with legislation and best practice.
  7. How much noise is appropriate for your workplace? If you’re manufacturing cloth, it probably doesn’t matter if your compressor is noisy but even in a construction or tool shop, you need to be aware of noise. We offer a range of silenced or quiet air compressors to suit a variety of air tools.
  8. How much work do you need from your compressed air system? Some compressors are designed to run for just a few minutes per hour and then they need rest time. This is described as the “duty cycle”. Other compressors run continuously.

You can also take a look at the follow sections for some specific information and advice on:

  1. Air compressors for dentists and health-related applications
  2. Choosing an air compressor for a workshop or garage (Automotive)
  3. Light industrial air compressors for smaller manufacturing or production plants
  4. Buying air compressors designed to integrate into your OEM equipment or for volume based own branded air compressors.

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Is noise important? Our silenced compressors are here.

Are you limited in available footprint/space? Our vertical air compressors are here.

Do you need water removal?  Our dental air compressors with fitted dryer are here.

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Is noise important? Our silenced compressors are here.

Are you limited in available footprint/space? Our vertical air compressors are here.

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All three phase 400v air compressors

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