Introduction to Choosing the Right Air Compressor System

There are so many air compressors from so many different companies! It can be difficult to know where to start. We always suggest to people that they should start with what they know already. It sounds like stating the obvious but the first questions are “Where do I plan to use my air? What do I need to do with it?”

This is the first step in narrowing down your choices.

If you need a specialist air compressor, it’s pretty obvious that you need a supplier who offers the equipment you need. But even then, there still seems to a be a lot of choice, so where do you start? Use our detailed checklist of questions to help you find a reliable air compressor.

Find a Reliable Supplier

Firstly, be a nerd! Check the details and make sure you understand what different suppliers are offering. You need to be sure you work with a reputable company that offers an excellent standard of service. Find out who you should call when you need help. Most manufacturers have a network of local distributors and you need to be happy that you will get good service from them. We know how important this is which is why we only approve distributors who meet our stringent standards and demonstrate an excellent knowledge of our systems.

You can find your nearest distributor using our Find a Distributor tool. We will suggest the distributor we think is nearest to you but you can also search by postcode. It is really important that you find someone who is close enough to get out to you in a hurry if the worst happens.

As well as people to help, you need to be able to buy supplies and parts easily. There’s only one thing worse than finding that you have to wait for a month to get a new gasket. That’s finding out you can’t buy one at all. Thanks to our online shop and our size, ABAC supplies are easy to find and we offer a fast delivery service. With help from our Live Chat team, you can be completely confident that you’ve ordered the right part too.

If you want to upgrade or replace your existing system, you might like to jump straight to our advice on replacing or upgrading an air compressor.